Guild Hall Application!
Guildhalls are private Forum Sections for the different Guild members to discuss anything in a more private manner.

There is a limited number of space, which now is 20 Guildhalls. To apply for a guildhall, your Guild must meet certain requirements:

* Must have at least 20 Members in-game.
* Must have at least 10 Members in-forums, with a minimum of 10 posts each.
Your 10 members (the minimum amount) will be given access to your newly created GH, therefore they cannot have any kind of access to another GH.

In order to apply for a Guildhall, the Guild Master should apply by filling up this form:

Note: Incomplete applications will be denied.
The GM acknowledge the above mentioned requeriments and he's responsible for checking their members meaning that if any of the members doesn't meet the requeriments the application will be rejected.

- If rejected the GM will be instructed to reapply after 1 month.

What to do in order to keep a Guildhall from being removed:

* Guildhall will be primarily moderated by the Guild Master (who is also the GH Moderator).
* GH Mod MUST set up at least 3 internal GH Rules.
* GH has to be active. It is recommendable that you also create some ?mini-sections? (you can do this on stickies).

Granting access to members:

Access and Guild Tag must come together.
*We will not give access only or Guild Tag only request
*Requesting for Guild Tag removal means you agreed removing your GH Access as well.

Upon creating your GH your 'ten' original members are unable to leave your GH for 30 days (1 month)
You (the guild master) can request for removal however this removal will equal to 0.5 warning points (reaching 3 points means GH removal). The member is unable to request for his own removal during that time.

Who and what to post:
At least (three) 3 quality post from the GH Guild Master and/or GH Moderator(s) in response to the Warning Thread posted inside the GH.

- If your Guild Hall has been removed, you cannot apply until 1 month after the removal.
- If your Guild Hall is removed for second time, you cannot apply until 3 months after the removal.
- If your Guild Hall is removed for third time your Guild Hall will be removed permanently.

Ultima Staff